Process Piping

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Our process piping team engages in this exacting art using both manual and programmable welding equipment and a skillful hand to ensure your pipe work will meet health and safety standards in addition to suiting the needs of the manufacturing process. We always take careful consideration of types of materials that will be transported through the piping so special needs to use corrosion resistant stainless steel are adhered to. ETM, as standard procedure, utilizes purge monitors to ensure there is an adequate purge inside the pipe prior to welding to eliminate contaminated welds. In addition, we utilize our own pipe cutting saws to ensure welded surfaces are perfectly flat.

  • Work off P&ID schematic drawings and layouts
  • Analyze and assess process piping defects and issues
  • Provide solutions and execute a detailed plan to correct malfunctions
  • Programmable orbital welder that provides printed document verifying weld integrity
  • Hang purge welding